ARE YOU LATE on your mortgage
Here is what you can do.

  1. Contact your mortgage lender (the phone
    number is usually at the top of your
    mortgage statement or on the back of your
  2. Try to find ways to increase your income. Cut
    on less necessary services (cable, gym,
    dinning out) if possible get a part-time job or
    rent a room in your home.
  3. Call HUD's National Servicing Center at (877)
    622-8525 or read the brochure here
    provided by following this link: https://www.
  4. If you have not been late on your payments
    yet, you still can try to refinance through the
    HARP program, call your lender to see if you
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If you are still not able to save your home after trying the
different options, don't give up, you may not be able to stay
in your home but at least you can avoid foreclosure by
selling your home, in some cases for less than you own the
bank, this process is called Short-sale.

How selling your home may be a beneficial fresh new
start for you

  • Depending on your case, if you do not own more
    than the house can sell for, selling your home won't
    hurt your credit as much as a foreclosure would do.
    You will leave with some money product of the sale
    and in, sooner than you may expect time, you will be
    able to buy a new home.
  • If you are under water, a short sale of your home
    could be the honorable way to leave, instead of being
    evicted through a foreclosure procedure, you will
    voluntarily sell your home and have your Realtor
    negotiate a short sale on your behalf.
Please know that every case is different, the only way to
know what's best for you is by getting advice from a
I can help you with the selling process if this is the case,
please contact me at (909)477-1515
I'm here to help.