Being a Realtor

After reading an article about how “overpaid” Realtors are, the negative comments,
the falsehood and the misinformation, I decided to write about what being a Realtor
Being a Realtor means long hours of work, many no free weekends and stress, lots of
it, constant continued education, workshops, and classes.  We are responsible to pay
Board and educational fees.
Being a Realtor also means being knowledgeable about the real estate legal aspects,
neighbor’s statistics, mortgage financing, architecture, home styles and current
applicable laws. Also, as a Realtor we must have a good marketing plan, be a good
communicator, good listener and be good at solving problems that always arise in
every transaction.
Because being a Realtor means that we are self-employed. We are responsible for
paying our own taxes, our own health care, incur in expenses every time we list a
home (web publicity, flyers, signs, electronic keys, magazine, radio, newspaper ads,
etc.) and when our client is a buyer, phone calls, gas, car expenses and time, all is on
us Realtors. Now, deduct all those expenses and time from what we earn and you will
see that we are actually under paid.
As a Realtor for so many years I’m very proud to have helped hundreds of satisfied
clients who had made their real estate ownership a reality thanks to my hard work,
ethics, professionalism and dedication.
If you want to pull your own tooth, that’s up to you, but savvy people leave this
important and delicate transaction to the professionals, us Realtors.
Have questions? I’m at your service. Carmen G. Gutierrez, Realtor. BRE #01193488
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