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Here are seven important things you must
know before buying a home.

1.- Do you know what gives value to a
? You probably think, a home is valued
based on its appearance, its size or the year
it was built.. Well, you are wrong. Homes are
given its value based on the location. Yes,
the location of a property is the most
important factor to consider.
Ask me and I'll
explain in detail.

2- You qualify for an lower adjustable rate
loan (ARM), but
you want to wait until you
can get a fixed rate
. Well, I can understand
why you think that a fixed rate is a safer one
compared to one that may change with time,
and in some cases this is true. But
surprisingly,  when you get a variable
(adjustable) rate you could save hundred of
dollars (every case is different) and today's
ARMs are safer than before, they have a cap
so if they ever go up, there's a limit to the
interest change.
Ask me how this works and
I'll show you what applies to your specific
case so you can make an educated decision.

3- You want to start looking at  houses before
get pre-qualified by your lender. This
has been proved to be a huge waste of time
for you and for your Realtor, why? Because if
you find the house that is perfect for you
today and you don't have  yet an
 by your lender, you won't be
able to make an offer that the seller will
seriously consider. You will start the process
of qualifying then, but by the time you have
provided all the necessary documentation to
your lender, the lender has verified your
information and you get an approval
certificate, that house that you like so much
could be sold already to another better
prepared buyer. Ask me how I can guide you
to the
process of getting approved for a
home loan.
buying, because you "don't like to have debt".
Ask me and I'll tell you why
buying a home may
-  You want to wait until rates get lower or
homes cost less. The cycle for home values to go
up or down takes about 7-8 years and most likely
prices will never be as low as previous years.
While you wait for these changes to happen
interest rates can go up, so it's like gambling, you
never know. My advice to you, secure your future
today, you can always sell or refinance later.

6- You believe that you need lots of money to
purchase a home. For years it's been
recommended that you save at least enough to
have 20% of the purchase price. Again, the
mortgage industry is changing. Nowadays
qualified buyers can buy a home with only 1, 3 or
5% for the down payment and with some
programs you still can avoid paying mortgage
insurance fees. Also, some assistance programs
allow you to buy a home with as little as $1000
total initial investment. Ask me how. I'm here to
answer your questions. Call me at

- You think you won't qualify for a home loan
because you switch jobs during the last two
years. Or you just graduated from college and
don't have the two mandatory years of work
history. Or you have never open a line of credit.
Please, ask me how you may qualify even if any
of the above is your case.
I've been helping people just like you since 1991
and I'm here to guide you and answer all your
real estate and mortgage concerns.
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