At first sight, there are many obvious
answers to this question, but when it’s
about your own real estate transaction,
there are many more reasons why the
smart choice is to choose a bilingual
professional to represent you.

Here are five reasons:

1.        Being in California, a
professional who is fluent in both
Spanish and English languages
is very used to resolve conflicts that
occur in his or her own mind when
dealing with words that need
translation which, according to
scientific studies, gives the brain a
workout that strengthens its cognitive
muscles, therefore opening the mind to
a wider understanding of complex
situations that always arise during a
real estate transaction.
2.        The ability to communicate with
more people gives you an advantage
as her/his client, whether you want to
sell your property or when buying. You
want your agent not to have a
language as an interference and to
avoid misunderstandings, especially
when dealing with the legal aspects of
your transaction!
Why you need to hire a
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